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World Class Transformer Production with Years of Experience

Elmaksan Transformer manufactures three-phase and single-phase, oiled distribution and power transformers in 10,000 mt² open and 4,000 mt² closed areas. It offers its customers the production of distribution transformers up to 36 kV upper voltage and 25-2500 kVA power, and power transformers up to 25 MVA / 154 kV power, with its experienced staff and quality equipment, according to the cooling systems specified in accordance with the standards.

As Elmaksan Transformer, we offer Transformer production, Transformer repair / Maintenance and Transformer testing services with our 14.000 m² production area and expert staff.

Our Mission To establish the most preferred leading transformer production chain by expanding our supply chain at home and abroad, to increase our competitiveness and profitability.

Elmaksan Transformer

Special Transformers

Contact us for your three-phase or single-phase special production transformer needs. Let us shape your transformer project according to your needs with our expert engineers.